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Campus Computing


Check out the New Student Quick Guide! - Technology Essentials at Keene State College

Learn what technology is available for you at Keene State including how to access the network, what does my computer need to access the network, does KSC recommend a specific computer to bring, what is MyKSC and Blackboard, are there computers labs, do I pay for printing, and more.

Keene State College is completely wireless.
Connect anytime – anywhere on the wireless network at Keene State College! KSC students can now stay connected at their convenience from their laptops and other wireless capable devices. Connect in the classroom, download assignments while hanging out in the Student Center, do project research from your room or check your email from any building anytime-anywhere! Keene State College is a completely wireless campus. It’s everywhere you need it!

About the KSC Wireless network

What do I need if I have a:

Computing Labs

The IT Group supports public computing lab and specialized computing labs.

The Student Computing Cluster is located on the 2nd floor of the Mason Libary. The public labs provide tools such as Microsoft Office Suite software, networked laser printers and digital scanners. Visit our computing lab web page for additional information about public labs and specialized computing labs on campus.


Keene State has printing release stations in the Rhodes Hall lobby, Science Center lobby and the TDS lobby. This allows you to log into and choose where you would like to print your document. When you arrive at that release station, you log in and print it out. These stations are in located in buildings that open at 7am which allows you to print your document before your 8am class. The instructions are easy and the convenience is great!

How do I increase my print quota?

Please fill out the following form to submit a print quota increase.

HelpDesk Support

The IT Group HelpDesk offers support for the following items: network access, telephone service, cable television, Security Essentials antivirus, campus owned media equipment; and support for MyKSC and Blackboard. While the HelpDesk does not provide support for hardware computer issues, we do provide a list of business that do provide computer support. We do not recommend any one in particular. This is just a list of area computer businesses you can research further. Off-campus computer specialists can assist with problems including, but not limited to: motherboards, monitors, hard drives, printers, personal software applications, computer peripherals (such as zip drives, MP3 players, gaming consoles), and severe computer virus or spyware infections. Please note: if your computer is still under warranty, you should check with them before taking it to an outside resource.

Contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532, email or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall if you have questions or any other technology issue.


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