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From the Information Technology Group

What computing resources are available for students?

Should I buy a laptop or desktop computer?

What should my computer have in order to connect to the campus network?

How soon can I access MyKSC?

Can I use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks on campus?

How are my computer and my privacy protected?

Is there campus storage for my electronic documents?

What technology is included in my residence hall room?

Who do I contact for problems with my computer/phone/TV connections?

Work for the IT Group!

More Questions? Visit the HelpDesk at, email or call the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532

What computing resources are available for students?

Computing labs:
All Keene State students have access to the Internet and the campus computer network through public computer labs, specialized computers labs, and campus wireless networks. Public labs are located in Rhodes Hall and the Mason Library, and are open over 90 hours a week during the academic year. The public labs provide tools such as Microsoft Office suite software, networked laser printers, digital scanners and CD burners. The Rhodes Hall also provides a space for students to work in groups comfortably and easily. Mobile tables and chairs allow students to form a "pod", plug in their own laptop and view their work on a monitor attached to the wall. The lab accommodates both PC and Mac computers. Portable white boards and privacy screens are available for students who want more privacy while brainstorming. Wireless network access and printing is available. Specialized labs are available for students studying in a specific major that requires specialized technology applications. Printing is available to all students at no additional cost.

Wireless Zones:
Connect anytime - anywhere on the wireless network at Keene State College! KSC students can now stay connected at their convenience from their laptops and other wireless capable devices. Connect in the classroom, download assignments while hanging out in the Student Center, do project research from your room or check your email from any building anytime-anywhere! Keene State College is a completely wireless campus. It's everywhere you need it!

MyKSC & Blackboard:
MyKSC, our student portal, is a single point of access for all student Web services. Students have access to a wide range of tools including email, calendar, address books, task lists, file storage, transcripts, schedules, degree progress tracking, bill paying, class registration, electronic library resources, and on-line book ordering all through the portal and/or links contained in MyKSC. Blackboard, a web-based classroom software application, is widely used by faculty to engage students in the learning process. Blackboard allows students to move easily between courses and allows them to work productively with faculty and classmates.

IT Group HelpDesk:
The Information Technology Group (IT Group) and the HelpDesk are the support system behind the technology used in the classrooms and in the various computing labs. Students can call (358-2532), e-mail, or visit the HelpDesk on the second floor of Elliot Hall.

Should I buy a laptop or desktop computer?

The College highly recommends that students purchase a computer. Approximately 99 percent of Keene State College freshmen own their own computers. Most KSC students chose laptop computers because they are portable and with wireless everywhere, they can take them from library to classroom to study group to residence hall rooms. Keene State is predominately a Microsoft Windows campus; however, you may want to inquire with the department within your major regarding their preference or requirement for a Mac or a PC. What should my computer have in order to connect to the network?

To connect to the KSC wireless network you'll need:

  • KSC allowed anti-virus software installed on their computer.
  • Your computer configured for automatic Microsoft updates.
  • To register/sign into the KSC network.

Visit our website for a complete list of anti-virus software allowed on our network.

You may also want:
  • Office Suite software; including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access (Students are eligible for academic discounts on software through the KSC bookstore) or another software that will provide similar programs.
    • Note: Office Suite is available to students in the Rhodes Hall Public Lab, The Mason Library Lab and in all other discipline labs.

How soon can I access MyKSC?
Students will receive a letter in early May with their NetID and MyKSC email address information. At that time, students will have the ability to access their MyKSC account. MyKSC is the student Web portal; a place to access MyKSC e-mail accounts, register for courses, pay tuition, access class transcripts and grades, develop personal Web pages, and review class schedules. Students should check their MyKSC accounts often for e-mail and announcements because faculty and administrative staff use MyKSC to send messages about course registration, tuition bills and other official notices. You have the option to forward your MyKSC email to an alternative account. Once your MyKSC account is created in early May, the applicant account you received from Admissions will be discontinued. Call the HelpDesk if you have problems accessing your MyKSC account.

Can I use peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks on campus for music and other downloads?
Distributing copyrighted materials without a license is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Computer and Network Use Policy (CNUP). Engaging in illegal activities can have legal and financial consequences and these burdens rest entirely on the shoulders of the individual identified by the DMCA complaint.

To reduce the ability to illegally share copyrighted materials, using our network tools, KSC 'restricts' network access to and from P2P applications. Legitimate academic exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

For downloading music and/or video files, Keene State College encourages students to use legal download options such as Itunes, Napster II or one of the many other options available for this purpose.

How are my computer and my privacy protected?
The IT Group works to secure information systems and the network infrastructure. It is the individual student's responsibility to understand College policies and apply safe computing practices. Your college e-mail, digital files, and personal Web pages are part of a unique digital information environment. This environment creates unique privacy issues that involve federal and state laws as well as College policies. See our Computer and Network Use policy.

The IT Group requires students with computers connected to the network to install required software to prevent spyware and viruses from making it onto personal computers and the campus network. But it is an individual's responsibility to know how to keep their personal information private. Don't click on anything if you don't know where the link will take you. Foster a suspicious attitude toward strange e-mails and on-line advertising that seem too good to be true. Don't share your passwords with others. Know how to create a complex password and change it on a regular basis. The HelpDesk has a Web page of information about identity theft and privacy.

Is there campus storage for my electronic documents?
No. The IT Group recommends that students store their documents on USB flash drives. Personal file storage space is also available in students' MyKSC accounts, and they can use that to file and access documents from any computer with an Internet connection.

What technology is included in my residential hall room?
Network Access:
Each student living in the residence halls has access to the KSC wireless network. Please note that personal wireless hubs and routers are not allowed in the residence halls because they are susceptible to interference and create an unsecured network access point. Installing such devices is a violation of the Computer and Network Use Policy (CNUP). Students should read the CNUP to learn what is acceptable network and computer use on campus.

Landlines are available upon request in residence halls. For more information about this, please visit the HelpDesk website.

Cable TV:
Residence hall rooms each have one cable TV connection, so students share a TV with their roommates. Students must bring a cable ready TV and a coaxial cable in order to connect to the cable service. KSC does not allow cable splitters in the rooms as it violates the College's contract with Time Warner.

Splitting the cable connection could jeopardize the contract and continued cable service to the residence halls. To see our campus channel lineup, visit our Cable on Campus website.

Who do I contact for problems with my computer/phone/TV connections?
The IT Group HelpDesk. We provide support for all of your technology needs including MyKSC, telephone and voicemail, network and Internet, KSC anti-virus software, TV cable, media services and more. Visit the HelpDesk web page for more information or call 358-2532, email or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.

Work for the IT Group!
The IT Group offers a range of work and learning opportunities for students, including work experience as a Public Lab Monitor, HelpDesk Support Technician, Network Services Student Technician or a Media Event Support Technician. Working for the IT Group provides students with business skills and real-life work experience that can be listed on their resume. We encourage students interested in any of these work opportunities to call the HelpDesk for more information.

More Questions? Visit the HelpDesk, call or email the HelpDesk at 603-358-2532.


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