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Your Name

Contact Phone                        Alternate Contact

E-mail Address (For verification purposes, please use your KSC or MyKSC e-mail address.)


Describe your event/class

Date/Time Equipment is needed

Return Date

Room Number


Media Ready Rooms Include 307, 308, 309
Media Cabinet, projectors and sound are included in your room reservation.

Night Owl Cafe
Basic Sound System
CHD Projector & Screen


  • VHS/DVD Player
  • Digital Projector
  • Screen
  • speakers
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Internet connecticity

Student Center Portable Audio Resources
Stand Alone CD Player (boombox)
Portable PA System


  • Powered Speaker
  • Extension Speaker
  • 1 wireless mic
  • Mic Stand
  • All Cables

Wireless Mic kit

  • 4 wireless mics
  • mixer

Student Center PC Laptops
PC Laptop
All laptops require a KSC log in. If you are hosting a guest speaker please fill out a guest account request form in addition to this request. For venues other than the Mable Brown Room please sign out your laptop at the Information Desk.

Special Order Items
These items are borrowed from the IT HelpDesk.
Data Projector
Digital Camcorder
Digital Still Camera
RF Wireless Mouse
Digital Audio Recorder

Student Center Presentation Resources
SmartCart & Screen
Not Required in rooms: 307, 308, 309 or NOC


  • Data Projector
  • VCR/DVD Player
  • Dell PC Workstation
  • Mouse
  • Projection Screen
Mable Brown Room Basic Media Support

  • Digital Projector
  • Screen
  • Speakers
  • Up to 4 wireless microphones
  • Up to 1 lapel microphone
  • Internet Cconnectivity
  • CD/VHS/DVD Player/iPod input

Student Center Concert Sound Support
Concert Sound System

  • Mixer and Signal Processors
  • Main Tower Speakers and Stage Monitors
  • Assorted Microphones and stands
  • Tech Team Staff
Please indicate what type and how many mics you will need with your sound system.
Hard Wired Microphone(s)
Wireless Microphone(s)
Lapel Microphone

Student Center Concert Lighting Support
Sound Activated LED Lighting Panels
House Par Lighing with Console

  • Mable Brown Room Static Par Lighting
  • Lighting Console
  • 2 Spotlights
  • Lighting Technician

Miscellaneous Resources
Wireless PowerPoint Controller
Transparencies Overhead Projector
Conference Phone
Internet Connection Cable
Easel - Flipchart
Easel - Display

We recommend that anyone planning to reserve media equipment for a presentation test the presentation on the requested equipment before the actual event. Not all media sources are compatible with all equipment. For the best results, test first so any issues or questions can be addressed before the presentation.



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