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How do I request syncing my email, calendar and contacts with my Exchange account?
   You can request the Exchange syncing service by submitting this request form.

How do I cancel this service?
   To cancel the service, just contact the HelpDesk at x82532.

How much does it cost?
   At this time, there is no cost for this service.

Can I schedule meetings from my device?
   Absolutely. You can schedule meetings in your calendar and they will automatically sync back to your calendar on the server. You can even invite other people to the meeting.

If I get a new device, can I transfer service to my new device?
   Definitely. Just let us know that you have a new device and we'll schedule a time to configure it!

Who do I contact if I have questions?
   Questions can be directed to the HelpDesk at x 82532. To review the Mobile Device Syncing Service and Support Agreement.

Do I need a data plan in order to use this service?
   You must have a data plan that supports a connection to an Exchange server. If you are not sure if you have a data plan, please contact your service provider.

What should I do if I lose my device?
   You should immediately contact the HelpDesk at x82532 so we can disable your syncing service.

Am I required to have a password on my device?
    Yes, a password is required in order to use this service. This increases the security of your device and any KSC information that may be on your device.

How many days can I have synced at a time?
   This is a per device setting frequently limited by memory. See your device user manual for more information.

Can I receive and open attachments via email?
   Yes. You can receive, download, and open attachments you receive via email. Please note that not all file formats are support by your devices. You may also need third-party applications in order to view/edit attachments.

Is email I receive on and send from this device secure?
   Between the device and the server ssl encryption is used. This is the same as https traffic from a web browser.


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