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How to Create a Personal Distribution List

1. If your list only contains faculty and/or staff at KSC, you can get their contact information from the Global Address List. If your list contains names and addresses that are not on the GAL, you will need to add the names and e-mail addresses to your contacts in order to create your distribution list. See Adding Contacts for a tip on adding contacts easily.

2. When you have all the names in your Contacts, you can begin creating your list. First, click the small drop-down arrow next to the word New under the File menu and select Distribution List.

3. A dialogue box opens. Give your list a name. Avoid long names like President's Commission on the Status of Women. Use somethign like PCSW instead. Then click on the Select Members... button.

4. If your list contains members of the Global Address List, you can begin by typing the person's last name in Type Name or Select From List.... Highlight the name and click the Add button.

5. If you want to add members to your list who are in your Contacts, click the drop-down arrow next to Show Names from the: and select Contacts. Use the same procedure for selecting and adding contacts. When your list is complete, click OK and then Save and Close and your list is done.


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