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To Create a Rule to Delete Junk Mail

1. Before you start, make sure that the name and e-mail address of the offending junk mail has been entered and saved in your Contacts. Next, from your Inbox, go to Tools --> Rules Wizard

2. Click on New --> then highlight Move new messages from someone. Under Rule Description, click on the underlined from people or distribution list.

3. This will bring up the Global Address List. Click on the drop-down arrow where it says Show Names From: and select Contacts. Choose the name of the offending e-mail from your Contacts and Add it to the TO: list. Click OK.

4. Now you need to specify to which folder you want to move the message. Under Rule Description, click on the underlined specified and you will see as shown below. Choose the folder, in this case, Deleted Items, and click OK. Then click Next.

5. Next you need to specify any special conditions. Once you have done that, click Next.

6. Then decide where you want to dump the message and click Next.

7. Determine if there are any exceptions to the rule and click Next.

8. Name your rule and click Finish.


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