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MyKSC is a web portal, which serves as a primary means of communication between Keene State College and its students. MyKSC provides access to email, grades, course registration, transcripts, class schedules, announcements, clubs and QuikPAY for bill payment. MyKSC is the official form of communcation to inform students of important deadlines, dates and events, such as registration timelines, housing selection processes, financial aid deadlines, etc.

NetID Login and Password

KSC NetID allows access to KSC resources including MyKSC, Canvas, Residential Life and Housing Services, health forms and more. New students claim their NetID through their "Welcome to Keene State College" email sent to an alternative email account. This process also provides access to their email address, how to setup a password, and enrollment in the Password Reset Service.

KSC E-mail Address
KSC student email addresses are: first.last Addresses are located in the KSC Directory and students may select the option to forward KSC email to an alternative email account (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, etc) by going to MyCruiser -> Email -> Filters.

Class Schedule
Class schedules may be viewed (and printed) by clicking the Student Services tab in MyKSC. Under the Academic Planning section (in the left menu bar), click My Class Schedule and follow the prompts.

Getting Help
Help is available from any and all screens in MyKSC. In the upper right hand section of every page contains: Feedback and Help. Feedback is quick online access to the IT Group Helpdesk. Help is provided by the MyKSC vendor and is specific to the page being viewed.

Email quota on MyKSC
Students receive 1GB of email space. At 95% storage, a warning notification is sent. Accounts that exceed the quota allowed will no longer receive new email. Email can continue to be sent, but the "Save copy" feature will not work, so no copies of sent e-mail will be saved.

Canvas and QuikPAY Login
Canvas and QuikPAY Bookmarks can be found on the MyKSC home page.

Computer and Network Use Policy
Please be familiar with the Computer and Network Use Policy and the student communications policies.


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