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MyKSC is a web portal, which serves as a primary means of communication between Keene State College and its students. MyKSC is your place to access your grades, register for courses, view your transcript, class schedule and pay your bill, as well as track your degree progress with Program Evaluation. MyKSC includes personal tools (e-mail, calendars, web pages and task lists), as well as community tools (KSC clubs, campus announcements and news items). Keene State College will use MyKSC to inform students of important deadlines, dates and events, such as registration timelines, housing selection processes, financial aid deadlines, etc.

How do I log in to MyKSC?
What is my new e-mail address?
Why does it say I have not joined any classes yet?
How do I get help using MyKSC?
What are the web browser requirements for using MyKSC?
What's my e-mail quota on MyKSC?
How do I log into Blackboard and QuikPay?
What policies and guidelines should I be aware of?

Your MyKSC Login and Password

  1. Point your Web browser to MyKSC or from the College home page.
  2. Once there, click the What's my User ID (NetID)? option on the left sidebar. Enter your Last Name in the Last Name box and your (9) digit social security number (no dashes) in the ID# box, and then click the Submit button.
  3. Your NetID will be displayed on the screen. Write it down! It is important to remember your NetID as it is required to log into the KSC network, computer labs, MyKSC, Blackboard and all of tools provided at KSC.
  4. Click on the Log In button and enter your NetID and your MyKSC password. Your default password is your six didgit date of birth (ex. mmddyy or 01/06/89).
  5. Accept the agreement between yourself and Campus Cruiser. Not accepting the agreement means you won't be able to log in to MyKSC.
  6. You will then need to change your password. Click on How to Change your NetID password link and follow the instructions. If you contact the Helpdesk to reset your password, it could take at least 24 hours during the week, and longer during weekends and holidays.

Your MyKSC E-mail Address
You will have a friendly email address that will include your first/last name. To see what yours is, visit the KSC Directories page and search on your name. You also have the option to forward your email to alternative email account (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, etc) by going to MyCruiser -> Email -> Filters.

Your Class Schedule
Your class schedule may be viewed (and printed) by clicking the Student Services tab and then clicking on Class Information (in the left menu bar) and My Class Schedule.

Getting Help
Help is available from any and all screens in MyKSC. In the upper right hand section of every page you will always see the words: Feedback and Help. Feedback is quick online access to the IT Helpdesk. Once you complete and send the e-mail form it is received by the IT Helpdesk. Help is provided by the MyKSC vendor and is specific to the page you are viewing, thus if you are in the MyKSC Directory page your help will be specific to directory information.

Browser Recommendations
We recommend using any PC with one of the following browsers:
For PC : Internet Explorer 6.0 or later or Firefox.
For MAC : Firefox or Safari.

Quota on MyKSC
The quota for your e-mail account is 1GB. At 95% storage, the following message will be displayed until your quota is less than 95%: "You are approaching your storage limit. When your quota has reached 100%, your email services will be interrupted. Please clear up some space immediately to avoid service interruption." If you reach 100% of your storage quota for e-mail, you will not be able to receive any e-mail. You may send e-mail, but the "Save copy" feature will not work, thus no copies of sent e-mail will be saved.

BlackBoard and QuikPay Login
You can log into Blackboard and QuikPay through Bookmarks found on the MyKSC home page.

Computer and Network Use Policy
Please be familiar with the Computer and Network Use Policy and the student communications policies.


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