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Mobile Device Support Services

Mobile devices are great tools for staying connected with colleagues, email, appointments, documents or accessing information from the web. The IT Group recognizes the importance of these devices in the workplace and have provided instructions allowing you to configure your mobile device to KSC email.

Please note:

If you already have your KSC email configured on your device, please remove the current configuration before proceeding.

You must be connected to a secure wireless connection or your service provider’s data network before proceeding.

You will be prompted to set a security code on your device if you do not have one set already. This increases the security of your data as well as KSC’s data.

By accessing your KSC email account using mobile device syncing services, you are agreeing to our mobile device syncing policy.


For instructions to sync your mobile device to KSC email, click on your mobile device type below:

Security of your mobile device and the protection of sensitive data are critical. Review our Mobile Device Security tips and implement all best practices applicable to your mobile device.

Keep in mind:

Access to KSC P & Q drives is not available on iPads/tablets or any other mobile device.

Dropbox is a free cloud service for storing your documents and provides easy access to them from any mobile device. Dropbox is not a secure cloud storage solution and NO KSC restricted data should be placed there. Reference KSC Data Access Policy for restricted/unrestricted data clarifications. All existing USNH, KSC and federal policies (CNUP, Data Access, FERPA, etc.) still apply.

Primary assistance for mobile devices is from manufacturer and/or service provider (Apple, AT&T, etc.)


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