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Keene State College provides faculty and staff with a standard set of software for general use, and provides the same software for academic use in the public and specialized computer labs. "Special use" software packages are also made available to faculty and students in the specialized computing labs as necessary, and according to the curricular needs of a discipline.

Managing the variety and compatibility of specialized software packages installed across the campus is critical to the smooth operation of the public and specialized labs. The IT Group provides funding and support for network computer hardware, such as servers and lab workstations.

The Deans at KSC agree that funding for long or short term support for "special use" software will be provided by the School or department using the software. This includes funding for initial purchase of licenses and media, maintenance agreements, license renewal, and software updates where applicable. It is the responsibility of the School or discipline to secure general support for software packages. The software vendor typically provides such support. No software packages will be installed on College owned computers without the proper funding provided for licensing and support.

Request Process for Installation of Special Use Software

Requests for installation of special use software can be made by completing the Special Software Request Form. Please read the following information regarding installation of special use software. By submitting an installation request, you agree that you have read and will abide by this policy.

Use the schedule below when requesting a new or upgraded software installation:

Any software request for lab installations MUST be received one month before the start of the Fall or the Spring semesters.

Any software request received after the one month deadline will not be installed until after the second week of classes.

Any software request that is submitted mid-semester, will be installed within 3 weeks of the request.

Licensing, documentation, and media

The Desktop Support team will not install special use software without proof that a valid license agreement exists for the requested number of installations of a given software package. It is the responsibility of the person making the installation request to provide proof and be responsible for any legal issues that may arise in connection with software installation or use.

Upon submitting the software request form, copies of the proof of purchase of the appropriate number of licenses as well as the installation documentation and software media must be given to the Desktop Support team. It is the responsibility of the lab coordinator to monitor current licensing for special use software. If the original licensing period expires and is not renewed the software will be removed from the computers.

Compatibility and Testing

All special use software should be checked for compatibility with the KSC Labs computing environment prior to purchase. Applications that have system requirements not matching KSC computer systems or network configuration will not be installed. The Desktop Support team will test special use software to ensure basic performance in the KSC lab environment. As the technicians may not be experts in the use of all software packages, it is the responsibility of the requester to test the full functionality of the software and report problems to the HelpDesk at x82532. We will make every effort to solve problems that result from a conflict with the KSC computing environment, but solutions may not always be available. We encourage the requester to test software prior to the start of classes to avoid surprises and give technicians time to research and implement solutions.

Any software that poses a threat to the KSC Labs security or operations, or that interferes with the normal operation of previously existing software, will not be installed or may be removed or disabled if such a problem becomes apparent after installation.


The Desktop Support team will apply free updates available from software manufacturers between semesters and on an as-needed basis, particularly when doing so will solve a problem or provide needed functionality. Updates that have been shown to cause problems with the software in the lab environment will not be applied or will be postponed until a solution can be found. Software updates are researched by the lab coordinator. You must inform the HelpDesk at x82532 of any required updates.

Updates are small revisions to software, whereas upgrades refer to new versions. An update that takes software from version 3.0 to 3.1 is likely to be free, while an upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0 typically requires a fee. Most software is licensed by version, but some companies offer a time-limited license that includes free upgrades to new versions during that time period. Software with this latter type of license will also be upgraded if requested and if new versions are released within the time period specified in the license.

Upgrades and Financial Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the departments who have purchased the special use software to pay for needed upgrades as necessary. Periodically, as the IT Group upgrades operating systems or makes other changes, upgrades to software will be necessary. Failure to finance and provide licensing for updates for installed software may result in its removal. If the software requires additional hardware (i.e. a digitizing board or CAD plotter), the department or School is responsible for purchase.


Primary support for the functionality of special use software is the responsibility of the lab coordinator. Other support calls should be directed to the HelpDesk at x82532. HelpDesk technicians are trained to support KSC standard software packages, but only provide limited support for special use software. Limited support consists of opening the program, creating and saving a file, and printing.

The lab coordinator will be responsible for providing instruction and support to users of the special use software.

Legacy applications will not be supported. Legacy applications are applications that are outdated and no longer supported by the authors. If they are installed, the IT Group is NOT responsible for features that might not be available or that function improperly.

Demonstration or Evaluation Software

Evaluation software will not be installed by the Desktop Support team in production lab environments. We do not have the resources to provide on-demand installation of software on lab machines for limited demonstration use.

We will provide a loaner laptop to faculty on which to install the evaluation software, and faculty may use the laptop to demonstrate the software in class. Contact the HelpDesk x82532 for assistance.


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