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Another area of network file storage is the Q Drive. This shared drive contains folders requested by a department head, project team leader, or committee chair. These folders contain documents that are shared by working groups. The Q Drive looks similar to Public Folders in Outlook. As you know, Public Folders are depositories for shared information and for accessing files via a web browser. A group drive offers users a secure location for document management and editing. Group drives are "owned" by one person and that person adds users and gives permissions to access the contents of a directory on the Q Drive. Each department folder in the Q Drive will be limited to 5GB of storage.

To request a directory on the Q Drive, please fill out a Request for Department or Project Share on File Server.

All documents located in the Q Drive will be backed up every night. If a file is accidentally deleted, the owner may fill out a Data Restore Request Form and the document will be restored to the proper directory on the Q Drive.


  1. How can I tell the size of a folder on my Q Drive?
    A: Right-click on the folder in question and choose Properties. You will see the size displayed on the Properties page.

  2. How do I create a shortcut to folders on the Q Drive on my desktop?
    A: Open Explorer and navigate to the folder you wish to create as a shortcut on your desktop. Right-click the folder and choose Send To then select Desktop (create shortcut). You can create as many shortcuts to as many folders as you have access.


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