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Windows XP has a built in feature called Offline Folder Synchronization. When you are connected to the campus network, this feature synchronizes your P drive folders with a copy that is saved to the hard drive of your laptop. Synchronization enables you to take recent copies of files and folders "on the road" so you can continue to work on your documents, and it allows desktop users a way to access files in the event that the campus network is unavailable. When your workstation is connected to the network again, any changes, modifications, and/or deletions will be synchronized with the files and folders on the P drive.

Documents that do NOT synchronize include: Outlook Personal Folders (files with a .pst extension) and Access databases (files with an .mdb extension). If you store either of these kinds of files on your P Drive you will not be able to access them without a direct connection to the campus network. In addition, when you log off your computer, you will receive an error indicating the files that could not be synchronized. Hint: Move any Access databases or Outlook Personal Folders stored in your My Documents folder to the root of your P Drive to avoid seeing the error message every time you log off.

Synchronize your folders

Note: You must transfer your My Documents folder to the P drive first if it isn't there already. Please shut down all other applications before beginning the initial Offline File Synchronization.

  1. Left-click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen and left-click on My Computer to open Windows Explorer
  2. Double left-click on the P drive under Network Drives and find your My Documents folder
  3. Right-click on your My Documents folder and select Make Available Offline from the pop-up menu. This will start the Offline Files Wizard.
  4. Left-click Next at the first screen.
  5. Left-click the appropriate box to select Automatically synchronize the Offline Files when I log on and log off my computer. Click Next.
  6. You may choose to enable reminders and create a shortcut to your Offline Files on your desktop. Click Finish.
  7. The next dialogue box asks what files you want to make available offline. Choose the default and click OK. The synchronization process will begin.

Note: Because the initial synchronization can take some time, we suggest you run the wizard during your lunch hour so the synchronization can take place while you are away from your desk.


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