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Requests for departmental email accounts will be considered, but require the designation of an account owner, who will administer the addition, deletion, or modification of names within the account, as well as manage the account as per these guidelines. If the account is to be used by multiple people, the account owner may distribute the NetID and password with the understanding that any unauthorized access or unacceptable use of the account will require immediate suspension of the account. The designated account owner is solely responsible for any and all actions taken on behalf of the departmental account. They will be held accountable regardless of the user actually logged into the account at the time of the action.

The account will be able to receive mail from anywhere on the Internet, and will be able to respond directly to the sender. Account owners will be subject to the guidelines in the Faculty/Staff Broadcast Email Guidelines and Guidelines for Email Communications to Students. The IT Group recommends that members of the department utilizing this type of generic NetID should utilize Outlook Web Access to read and respond to any mail sent to the departmental mailbox. The OWA interface will allow users to log in to the mailbox utilizing the generic NetID and password. Mail sent from the departmental mailbox will not reflect the identity of the responder, but will instead carry the identity of the departmental mailbox. If you need to send out a mass email using Microsoft Word's mail merge feature, you will need to log in as the account and do the merge using that profile.

Due to security concerns given the anonymous nature of email originating from these types of id's, no students will be allowed access to these accounts. If a student is found to have access to these accounts the owner will be notified of the impending removal of the student account. Repeated violations will result in deletion of the account.

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Please contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 if you have any questions.



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