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Data Recovery
Occasionally, hard drives on faculty and staff computers fail or data is accidentally deleted from system. Individual files can also become corrupt. The IT Group has developed Data Recovery Guidelines so that expectations are understood and our resources are used efficiently.

The availability of P and Q drives (network file storage) means we should experience fewer instances where data recovery is necessary. The P is network drive space that is backed up every night. It is available to all KSC faculty and staff who have an email account, and in many cases is mapped directly to the person's My Documents folder so the backup is invisible to the user. Storage space on the P drive is limited to 5 gigabytes per user. Requests for additional space may be made to the HelpDesk (8-2532).

Situations and actions for data loss:
  • Individual file corruption or loss
    • If the file is a corrupt Word document or Excel spreadsheet, the user should contact the HelpDesk (8-2532) for assistance with opening the file using the application's built-in repair tools.
    • If the file was located on the P or Q drive, the user should fill out a Data Restore Request Form.
  • External Storage media (external or USB drives, etc.) with corrupt files can sometimes be read by other computers: a one-time attempt will be made by HelpDesk personnel to access the files.
  • Corrupt hard drives can be inserted into another computer in an attempt to read the data. If the data is accessible it can be copied off to the P drive for the faculty or staff member. Contact the HelpDesk (8-2532) for this service.
  • If a KSC employee chooses not to use the P or Q drives to backup critical documents and suffers a hard drive failure, the employee's department or School will be responsible for paying for data recovery. This service can cost between $1,000 and $3,000. If IT Group technicians are responsible for the data loss, the IT Group will pay for the cost of data recovery for business critical documents only.

In the event of a hard drive failure, the restoration process makes every effort to save work-related data, including:
  • Personal folders in Outlook
  • Data stored in the My Documents folder
  • .WIS files for DataTel
  • Internet Explorer favorites
  • Items stored on the desktop

If the above attempts fail, the remaining option is to outsource the data recovery to a vendor who specializes in data recovery.

Personal Data on College Owned Computers
Computers provided by Keene State College are supplied to employees to meet work-related needs. The IT Group respects the importance of an individual employee's personal, non-work-related data, but we are not responsible for backing up or restoring that data. Employees who store personal data such as pictures and music are responsible for backing up and archiving that data. Programs or program data that are not included in the standard KSC software package, include:

  • Games
  • iTunes
  • WebShots
  • User-imported toolbars

The HelpDesk (8-2532) can answer questions you may have about data storage options, including but not limited to CD-ROM burning software, USB drives, and external hard drives.


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