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Connecting to KSC-TV

Connecting to the digital cable channels on campus will require re-tuning your digital television. There are many types of televisions available today, but most have similar tuning setup methods.

You are responsible for providing your own television and connection equipment, including coaxial cables, converter boxes, etc. You can purchase a coaxial cable at any department or electronics store.

Important to Note:

  • The type of Cable TV signal we have here is called Clear QAM. Many TVs available today have this kind of tuner, but not all. Before you purchase a TV, ask the service associate if the TV has QAM or research that specific model online first.

    If the TV does not have QAM capability, you will need to purchase a tuner box or set top box. Channel Master, model # CM7001 is one model we know works well with KSC's TV system. You may try other brands, but we cannot vouch for their capatibility.

If you are bringing a new digital television to campus or have the manual for your existing digital television, refer to the instructions for setting up your TV.

Cable TV Connection for Cable-Ready TV

  • Connect the coaxial cable input to the coaxial connector on the back of the set marked Cable or Antenna or RF.
  • Using the TV Remote (or buttons on the TV)-
    • Press the Menu button and locate the Antenna/Cable input selection
    • Select Antenna/Cable input and select Cable, QAM mode if available (not IRC or HRC)
    • Select Auto Scan, Scan for Channels or Scan
    • Press the Scan button and you will see the scan begin, this will take a few minutes
    • When the scan is over, the display will say complete or the TV will go to the first channel on the system. You should see Channel 2.1, WGBH-HD, PBS from Boston.

There are 87 high definition and standard definition channels availalbe on the KSC channel lineup.



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