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Steve ArmstrongWith the merging of the student, faculty/staff and media HelpDesks this year, you now have only one number to call for all of your technology questions or requests. Simply dial 358-2532 or send an e-mail for any technology question.

The HelpDesk is the communication vehicle for the IT Group. Incoming communication and outgoing communication is handled by Kim Pare, our Communication and Training Manager. The HelpDesk sends notifications to campus for incident reporting and publishes training and technical documentation on various applications and computing procedures.

The breadth and depth of technical support provided by the HelpDesk is continuing to grow and is committed to extending quality support to faculty, staff, and students.

The IT Group strives to strengthen this training schedule by providing access to good documentation and "tip sheets." The HelpDesk provides this document library online and through a collection of printed brochures.

The HelpDesk will troubleshoot faculty or staff calls on the telephone and/or will escalate technical problems to the appropriate technicians or team members throughout the IT Group.

The HelpDesk assists students in setting up network access, accessing and using "MyKSC" (student portal) and telephone/voicemail services, and provides media service and cable service support. We provide on-site support to students for specific technical situations and provide assistance for software and network issues via the telephone.

Our process and guarantee:
Our main priority at the HelpDesk is to provide exceptional customer service to the college community regarding all technology issues in a prompt and timely manner. If it is something we can't answer for you immediately, we will go out of our way to find the person who can and get that information back to you.

  • The first step for our HelpDesk staff is to log the phone call and the described question/problem/issue into our call tracking database.
  • If known, we provide an immediate solution to the problem and/or answer to the question. We try to provide the caller with an answer or solution before we hang up.
  • If the technology request requires additional technical support, we will transfer you to the staff technician in the HelpDesk or assign a staff technician to get in touch with you as soon as possible. This "2nd level of service" tries to resolve issues over the phone for immediate resolution. If not, then we schedule a time to come to your residence hall or campus office to resolve the technology issue with you at your convenience.


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