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This form is to be filled out by the supervisor of the applicant. Please complete every question on this form in order to ensure that it is processed in a timely fashion.

New Account
Modify Account
Deactivate Account
Reactivate Account

User type*
Student Worker

System* Select all that apply.
Colleague WebI Viewer

Supervisor or Faculty Name*

Supervisor or Faculty e-mail Address*

Applicant's Start Date*

Applicant's Training Date*

If student or temporary employee, Applicant expected end date*

Applicant's Name*

Applicant's Colleague ID*

Applicant's E-mail Address*

Applicant's Phone Number* (e.g. 603-358-2000)

Applicant's Title/Role*

Applicant's Department*

How should the account be designed?

The administrative computers at Keene State College are to be used for the official business processing of the College. Colleague and WebI system accounts are issued to KSC employees upon request. The account is to be used only by the staff, faculty, or student worker to whom the account is assigned, and only to perform administrative or advising duties as related to the employee's position at KSC.

As with all network users, people using Colleague and WebI accounts are accountable to the Computer & Network Use Policy.

By submitting this form you are authorizing the creation, modification, deactivation, or reactivation of this Applicant's system account. If this is your intent, please click the "Submit" button. If you need assistance please email Jin DelPrato or Tom Sims.


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