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Integration of online student services into the overall Keene State College e-business strategy is critical. The IT Group works with campus departments to define Web services that match the campus service culture. We think about this often and look at student portals and Web transactions to help get us where we need to be. Many of the college's administrative processes and student services are available on the Web. Students can view their grades online and will soon be able to register for classes and make payments over the Web.

The mission of the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) team is to provide quality service, support, and solutions for information management. The EIS team supports the enterprise business processes of Keene State College and works in partnership with campus departments to provide service, support and business solutions. Partners include staff from the Academic Affairs, Finance & Planning, and Student Affairs divisions and departments. There are upwards of 40 information systems on campus. The EIS team is trying to put together an enterprise approach to systems integration and Web presentation. We are striving to install and run enterprise systems that are as reliable, effective, and efficient as possible so that they facilitate quality business solutions.


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