What are some examples of jobs for non-RDs?

There are a variety of employment options, however, some may require additional training or education. Some examples include:


  • Writer (medical/technical)
  • Health speaker
  • Author (magazines, books, cookbooks)
  • Food critic

Hospital Setting

  • Diet technician
  • Nutrition assistant
  • Dietary aide


  • Nutrition educator
  • Community nutritionist (Women, Infants, and Children [WIC] nutritionist, for example)
  • Wellness/health coach


  • Government-based programs (Cooperative Extension, WIC, others)
  • Grant-funded programs
  • Corporate wellness

Food Service Management

  • Food service manager/assistant manager (hospitals, assisted living centers, schools, restaurants, hotels)
  • Restaurant consultant
  • Quality control
  • Health inspector
  • USDA inspector
  • FDA inspector

Sales Representative

  • Food company
  • Medical supplies/devices
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Nutritional supplement sales

Education (may need additional education or credentials in order to teach)

  • Research
  • Research assistant
  • Grant writer


  • Taste tester
  • Food stylist
  • Food technologist/scientist
  • Research chef
  • Marketing specialist (developing and introducing new foods)

Government Positions

  • Health and Human Services (many government positions)
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