Welcome to the Health Science Department

The Health Science Department provides a dynamic and academically rigorous environment in which students learn, investigate, and apply knowledge through service learning, scholarship and civic engagement.  

We are an interdisciplinary program comprised of three options: Health Promotion and Wellness, Nutrition and Substance Abuse/Addictions. We mentor the development of culturally competent skills in these three fields.

The program fosters the growth of our students into competent, compassionate, and ethical scholar-practitioners ready to pursue meaningful work in the health profession. Students who major in Health Science take core classes such as Health and Wellness, Health in Society, Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors, Behavior Change Facilitation, Health Promotion Practice and the Health Science Capstone

Students also take allied discipline courses such as Human Anatomy and Physiology (I and II), Introduction to Chemistry, and  Public Speaking.

Finally, students take courses specific to their option (Health Promotion and Wellness, Nutrition, and Substance Abuse/Addictions). 

The Health Science department also offers a minor in Substance Abuse/Addictions. Many students from a variety of majors, including but not limited to, Psychology and Sociology, enroll in this minor.