Math Center

(88 Winchester Street) The Math Center is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for learning mathematics. Our peer tutors, peer course assistants (PCAs), and course-specific assessment exams can help students succeed from the very beginning of their math study at Keene State.

Tutoring at the Math Center is a drop-in service for students who have questions about quantitative concepts taught in math classes or classes with a quantitative component. Students may come in with specific questions to ask the tutor, or to just do their work and know that the tutor is there to help.

Special review sessions for the math portion of the PRAXIS I exam are held at the Math Center before each testing date on campus during the fall and spring semesters. Specific tutors are also available during the regular tutoring times to help review for the exam.

The Math Center staff administers exams and quizzes for individual faculty members within the mathematics department as well as proficiency and assessment exams for individual courses. Students who need to take an exam or quiz at the Math Center should call 358-2023 to make an appointment.