Computer Labs and Technology Classrooms

Keene State College provides technology-enabled classrooms and public and specialized computing labs on campus. Computing labs are important campus gathering places and can provide access to essential technologies not always available on students’ personally owned computers, such as faster network connectivity, laser printers, digital scanners, and Microsoft Office or specialized software.

Many academic areas of study have computer labs with specialized hardware/software equipment. Students use these labs to create, manage, and deliver technology and media projects in the same professional environment found in many of today’s companies and industries. The computing labs, with more than 500 personal computers, are used throughout the year by residential and nonresidential students.

Public computing labs are open more than 90 hours per week, with longer access during exam periods. The Mason Library loans laptops for students to use within the library and wireless zones within the library permit roaming network access.

Technology-enhanced classrooms are geographically distributed throughout the campus. Permanent placement of instructional media cabinets, data jacks, video/data projectors, cable TV, and VHS/ DVD players provides a base for classroom technology. This setup allows KSC students and faculty to make technology an integral part of the instructional environment.