To benefit most from their educational experience, students and, where appropriate, recognized student organizations at Keene State College have the right to expect:

  • Academic and cocurricular experiences that provide opportunities for intellectual and personal growth and promote the standards of academic integrity.
  • Faculty who are knowledgeable in their fields, effective in helping students learn, and diligent in providing appropriate and timely academic feedback
  • Administrators and staff who are knowledgeable in their fields and who provide efficient/ timely service and appropriate feedback
  • Faculty, administrators, and staff who treat them with respect
  • A curriculum that broadly educates, encourages critical thinking, and promotes proficiency in a specific field
  • Equipment and material appropriate to the field of study, including reasonable access to current technology
  • A variety of services which support academic, personal, and social growth
  • As safe and healthy an environment as is reasonably possible
  • An equitable and consistent enforcement of College policies with due consideration of the rights of all members of the College community