Students should understand that their behavior in and out of the classroom will have positive and negative consequences for themselves and others. Students have a responsibility to:

  • Take learning seriously: attend class, be prepared, participate in discussions, ask questions, and get assignments done on time
  • Treat faculty, staff, and fellow students with respect
  • Contribute to the enrichment of the College and the larger community
  • Protect and preserve property belonging to others and the College
  • Be aware of how lifestyle choices affect academic success and personal growth
  • Be knowledgeable of and comply with the College policies as outlined in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, and course syllabi

To ensure that all students have access to the rights listed above, each student must honor his/her responsibilities and modify behavior to be in compliance with the above stated expectations as requested by the institution or members of this learning community.

This Student Handbook is one of a number of College publications that outline the services Keene State College provides for students and the expectations the College has of students. The handbook has been organized to reflect the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Questions regarding the Statement, or any specific rights or responsibilities, should be directed to the Dean of Students at 358-2842.