As a community of learners, Keene State College attempts to provide an environment in which all members can be intellectually and socially successful. The College’s visitation policies are designed to afford opportunities for student growth and social development while respecting the safety of its community and ensuring consideration for individual resident student rights. As such, the College reserves the right to modify, restrict, or revoke the privilege of the visitation program at any time.

Residence Hall Access

Residential students have access to the residential area that they live in. (For example, a resident of 361 Main will have access within the East Halls area.)

All students are expected to abide by all residential access policies and procedures outlined below.

  • All people must be able to produce a valid photo ID when entering the residence halls.
  • Residents (defined as KSC students entering a building within the area where they are a resident) will be required to show their Keene State College ID when entering the building.
  • Visitors (defined as any KSC student visiting a residential area that is not their own) may visit residence halls other than their own, as long as they are accompanied by a residential student of that area. They will be asked to identify their host upon entering the building.
  • Guests(defined as anyone other than KSC students visiting a residential area) may visit residence halls as long as accompanied by a residential student in that area.
    • Guests will also be required to obtain a Guest Pass and must keep this pass on their person at all times. Guest passes must be obtained when a guest arrives, and guests must produce a valid photo ID to obtain guest passes.
    • Guest passes can be requested in advance from the RD, or they can be written at the time of the guest’s arrival by the desk attendant. If a guest arrives before the desk attendant begins his or her shift, the host and guest are expected to pick up a pass once the desk attendant’s shift has begun.


By inviting a guest or visitor into his or her room or residence hall, the host or hostess accepts full responsibility for the actions of the guest or visitor. Therefore, the host or hostess is responsible for ensuring that his or her guest(s) or visitor(s) are informed of and adhere to all College policies. Damage and/or policy violations resulting from the behavior of guests or visitors is the responsibility of the guest or visitor as well as that of the host or hostess.

No guest or visitor is permitted to be in a student room without a resident of the room present. The host or hostess is responsible for ensuring that their guests or visitors do not impose any inconveniences on others (including the host or hostess’s roommates) or other guests or visitors. The host or hostess must escort all guests or visitors to and from the front entrances and at all times while they are present in the residential area. Any unescorted guests or visitors in a residence hall will be considered in violation of the visitation policy. Such violations could result in guests or visitors removal from the residence hall.

Visitors will be responsible for their behavior as outlined by the Keene State College student code of conduct.

Because guests do not have an official relationship with Keene State College, their behavior will be addressed with their host or hostess as if the host or hostess themselves had engaged in that behavior.

Keene State College has the right to remove any student’s hosting privileges due to issues with their guests or visitors. In addition, guests and visitors can be banned from specific buildings, residential areas, or all of campus as a result of their behavior.

Overnight Guests or Visitors

Visitors may stay overnight in another resident’s room. While they do not need a guest pass, permission from all residents of the room is required.

Overnight guests are not permitted in residence hall rooms, suites, or apartments without advance permission of all residents of that room.

Definition: A guest is anyone who is not a KSC student. Guests must be invited into the hall by their host.

Students must obtain a guest pass when they wish to have a guest by:

  • Going to their respective RD or Apartment Coordinator in advance.
  • Filling out the pass with their guest’s information.
  • Picking up the approved pass from the Desk Attendant.
    Filling out a guest pass with the Desk Attendant at the time of the guest’s arrival.

The Desk Attendant will then:

  • Have the guest show a valid photo ID in order to retrieve the guest pass and enter the host and guest information in the guest log.
  • Catalog the pass in the guest file.

The guest will be

  • Required to have the pass on them at all times.
  • Required to show the pass to a college official when asked.

Overnight guests or visitors may not stay in a residence hall room for more than two consecutive nights and no more than four nights during any month without the permission of the Residence Director.

During all 24-hour Quiet Hour periods, non-College guests are not permitted except for the purpose of assisting a resident in moving out at the end of the semester.

Please Note: During Pumpkin Fest weekend, residents are only allowed to have ONE overnight guest on Friday and Saturday nights.


Maximum Numbers of Guests
A resident is allowed no more than a total of three guests or visitors at any one time.

No room may have more than the authorized number of people at any time. The authorized number of people is as follows:

  • Double rooms may have a total of 6 people present at any time. This includes the residents of the room, visitors, and guests.
  • Triple rooms and Quad rooms may have a total of 9 people present at any time. This includes the residents of the room, visitors, and guests.

Regardless of the size, no more than 20 people (residents, guests, visitors) can be present in any room, suite or apartment at any given time. Total numbers of people in a room at any given time may also be restricted further based on the existing local, state, and federal fire regulations.