Residence Hall Damages

Individual Room Damages
Damages to student rooms are the responsibility of the occupants. In order to prevent misinterpretation, it is strongly recommended that students inspect their rooms thoroughly with their Resident Assistant upon moving in, noting any issues/repairs that need to be made.

Common Area Damages
Common area damages are charged to the student deemed to be responsible for the damage. In cases where responsibility for the damage cannot be determined all residents of the damaged area will divide the cost of repairs evenly.


Please Note:  Common area damage charges are assessed each month and added to students’ accounts as appropriate.   Individual damage charges are assessed at the end of the academic year or when a student checks out of a room.  Common area damage charges cannot be appealed.  Individual damage charges can be appealed and must be done so within ten days of the charges being placed on a student’s account.  Appeals need to be emailed to the Residence Director of the area in which the student lived.