Assigned rooms may be occupied the day before the first day of classes for each semester. Special arrangements for the early arrival of any student must be approved in advance by the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Living accommodations in the residence halls are not available during times when the College is not in session, e.g., Thanksgiving, midyear recess, and spring recess, except as special arrangements may be made for student teachers and athletes.

Students are expected to comply with all closing instructions that will be provided to them before each of the hall closings listed above. Failure to comply with these instructions will be addressed through the College’s conduct system.

Rooms paid for and not occupied one day after registration day may be declared vacant by the Associate Dean of Students, unless the individual having the assignment makes a written request to the Residential Life and Housing Services Office to hold the room until a later date.

The Residential Life and Housing Services Office reserves the right to:

  • change room assignments at any time with a specific rationale provided to the resident(s) involved
  • consolidate vacancies
  • use rooms over holiday periods, provided prior notice is given to each resident involved
  • control the rooms in event of an epidemic
  • change the gender designation of a hall, house, or floor, and provide space to accommodate the needs of special interest program groups
  • change room assignments for health, safety, or repair service, for disciplinary reasons caused by the residents, for ongoing community concerns, or for irreconcilable differences between roommates.