Lost Keys/Combo/Lock Changes

When a room key is reported as lost, stolen, or duplicated, the lock will be changed with the student responsible for the loss being charged for the cost of the change, including the new keys or combination.

Keys, locks, and doors are essential components for the safety and security of students and their belongings. External and internal doors in all residence facilities should never be propped or tampered with. Safety and security is the responsibility of all students. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for further elaboration of the College policies regarding misuse of or tampering with keys and locks.

If a student requests a change in his or her combination lock, the student(s) will be billed for a combination change. Residents who are locked out of their rooms three or more times per year will be subject to disciplinary action. Students are strongly encouraged not to give out their combination or loan their keys to others, as this creates a potential security problem.

All residence hall keys and ID cards are the sole property of Keene State College and may not be duplicated except by the College.