In accordance with USNH Board of Trustees policy, the basic guidelines for the College Speakers Policy are the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. This policy resulted in their being the first recipient of the American Association of University Professors’ (AAUP) prestigious Alexander Meiklejohn award for the defense of academic freedom in 1958. The rights of freedom of speech and peaceable assembly are fully protected.

Any College organization or College group may invite any speaker it desires; however, the following procedures will provide effective advanced information to the College to avoid scheduling conflicts and to assure notification about special requirements.

  1. Event and facility use must comply with campus scheduling policies and procedures.
  2. No organization or group may preclude the right of reply through disallowing questions or comments following the speech. Methods of which may be determined by the College.
    The College organization or group must clearly state in the invitation and in its attendant publicity that the speaker is a guest of the sponsoring group.
  3. The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee shall specify conditions prerequisite for maintaining order at campus meetings which shall be applicable to all College organizations and groups. The groups. The College may, with in may, with in the reasonable interpretation of the mission of the College, limit the time, place, and manner of the presentation.
  4. The College group or organization assumes the responsibility for maintaining order and for injuries and/ or damages which occur in the event of disorder.
  5. Any individual, College organization, or College group, which has reason to believe that, under this policy, they have experienced discrimination as protected under law or other College policy, shall have immediate access to the grievance procedures outlined in the Keene State College “Policy for Student Grievances Involving Discrimination or Sexual Harassment.” The grievance must be filed, in writing, in the Affirmative Action Office within 48 hours (two academic days) of the alleged discriminating act.

The grievance Hearing Board will convene within 72 hours (three academic days) of the receipt of the grievance, and shall render a decision to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the aggrieved party within five academic days of the hearing.