1. Scheduling of most KSC facilities is done through the Scheduling Office in the Student Center. To schedule the Arts Center facilities (358-2167) or Spaulding Gymnasium, (358-2789) call the offices at the respective facility. For other facilities on campus call the Scheduling Office, 358-2323.
  2. All on-campus and off-campus organizations wishing to schedule a facility at KSC must complete a Scheduling Form and additional forms when appropriate.
  3. All organizations requesting facilities for activities are required to complete a scheduling form at least 7 days in advance. REMINDER – Campus organizations will need a signature(s) from their advisor on the Scheduling and Alcohol Function Agreement Form(s). The Scheduling Office will process the scheduling form and provide confirmation to the person requesting the use of a facility before the event. All organizations must carry the confirmation copy to the event.
    1. Requesters are not authorized to publicize details of the proposed event until receiving a confirming copy of the scheduling form.
    2. Changes or cancellations must be given to the Scheduling Office immediately. Continued failure to formally cancel the request may result in revocation of scheduling privileges.
    3. Charges: Although some organizations will not be charged for the facility, they may be liable for any of the following fees which may be necessary as determined by the College (e.g., police, campus security, maintenance overtime, technical support, building monitors, repairs for damages, and cleaning fees.) All fees charged for an event must be received prior to the event or the event will be subject to cancellation.