Political, Social, and Commercial Activities

Free speech, solicitation, and distribution of literature in public areas of campus

Students and non-students shall be permitted to engage in free speech activities, solicit for contributions, and distribute literature at designated spaces on the Student Center Lawn and inside the Student Center Atrium on a space available basis provided that:

  1. Any such activity as defined above is scheduled in advance through the Scheduling Office and in compliance with all of its policies.
  2. Free speech, solicitation, and distribution of literature activities shall be passive in nature and conducted between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Passersby shall not be approached and pedestrian traffic shall not be disrupted in any way.
  3. Areas on campus not open to the activities described above shall include, but not be limited to, classroom and laboratory buildings, libraries, conference rooms, the residence halls, the gymnasium, and faculty, staff, or student offices.
  4. In order to allow for student organization priority use of the space, any non-KSC organization or private individual is permitted one space per day, but is limited to two days per month for the distribution of literature, solicitation of donations and free speech activities. All individuals and organizations engaging in commercial activities must pay designated rental fees when using a campus facility.
  5. Free speech, solicitation, and distribution of literature shall not be permitted if it is determined that they threaten public safety or public property, or if they disrupt or threaten to disrupt vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic, or any educational, administrative or outreach activity.

Political Events

Keene State College welcomes opportunities to bring candidates and elected representatives to our campus, and to provide forums for discussing political issues. In order to provide appropriate levels of support to these events, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. All requests for a political party affiliated event (candidate visits, forums on political issues, etc.) will be directed to the Marketing and Communications Office.
  2. The Marketing and Communications Office will determine appropriate and available venues for the event, and coordinate the event with the appropriate on and off-campus offices (facility director, Physical Plant, Campus Safety, Keene Police, etc.).
  3. The Director of Marketing and Communications and/or facility director may impose other policies as needed to ensure that all candidates / political events are treated equitably to protect the integrity and resources of Keene State College.
  4. Costs over and above customary costs of standard and usual set-up must be borne by the organization scheduling the event.

Student Center, tables

Recognized student organizations shall be permitted to use one table on the first floor of the L. P. Young Student Center for the sale of goods or distribution of literature, provided that the table is available and is reserved in advance through the Scheduling Office.

Student Center, Conference and meeting rooms

These rooms must be scheduled in accordance with guidelines established by the Scheduling Office. Any use of the L. P. Young Student Center rooms for commercial purposes shall be done in accordance with Commercial Activities on Campus.

Commercial activities on campus

The College shall permit, within the guidelines set forth in this policy, commercial activities on the campus that, in the judgment of the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee, will not disrupt or negatively impact the academic environment and the safety and security of the campus community, and that are in keeping with the stated goals and mission of the College.

  1. Commercial activities are passive in nature and conducted between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  2. The space to be used is properly reserved through the Scheduling Office.
  3. Upon request, a summary of all sales, contracts, and moneys collected would be filed with the Scheduling Office.
  4. Upon request, the vendor shall submit proof of authority to conduct business in the State of New Hampshire.

The conduct of any commercial activities outside of the L. P. Young Student Center for the profit of any person or business is not permitted on the campus, with the following conditions and exceptions: The sale of merchandise and other items shall be permitted, provided that all materials offered for sale is directly related to a person or group performing and has been approved by contract.

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit a person or business engaged in commercial activities from:

  • Advertising in student and local newspapers (all advertisements must be in good taste and in keeping with College policies, standards and mission.)
  • Posting of information must comply with posting policies.
    Student Center Commercial Activities (vendors)
    Vendors in the Student Center are subject to all regulations that apply to “commercial activities” as well as the following:
  1. Commercial activities are passive in nature (e.g. remain at vendor table/location and allow patrons to approach you).
  2. There is a daily vendor fee. Payment is due prior to the event to guarantee the space. Payment is not refundable within ten days of the event. Keene State College is not responsible for returned checks due to insufficient funds.
  3. Vendors can schedule two days per month for vendor space. The hours for use of vendor space are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., which includes set-up and breakdown time. Vendor space will be assigned by the Student Center. Vendors soliciting applications for credit cards will be permitted only during a one-day credit card fair each semester (dates to be determined by the Scheduling Office).
  4. The vendor space will provide one medium-size table and one chair. Absolutely no taping, gluing, tacking, or hanging any items from the walls or ceiling for vendor advertising is permitted without prior approval. All advertising must be limited to the immediate area of the table.
  5. The Scheduling Office will send the vendor a con-firmed copy of the scheduling form. Vendors must bring their copy of the scheduling form with them on the day(s) of the event.
  6. Vendors must report to the Information Desk in the Student Center on the day(s) of the event. The vendor will provide a confirmed copy of the scheduling form in order to receive a parking permit from Campus Safety.
  7. All sales must be in accordance with applicable laws. When necessary, permits must be obtained from city and state agencies.