Fund-raising projects are those activities undertaken by any recognized student organization to raise money to support its own activities or those of its members. The sale of newspaper and program advertising is specifically excluded from these guidelines.

  1. Tax-free status of student organizations officially recognized by Keene State College is conferred upon those groups by virtue of their official tie to the College. They therefore use Keene State College’s IRS tax exemption designation in substantiating their tax-free status, which can be obtained from the Office of Development at 358-2372.
  2. In order to protect both the College and the student organizations themselves, the latter must seek institutional approval of their fund-raising projects by filling out a Fund-Raising Form before undertaking to raise money.
  3. The Student Center will have authority to review, approve, monitor, and when necessary, place restrictions on all fund-raising activities of student organizations.

  4. Student groups will submit for approval the required “Fund-Raising Request Form,” available from the Student Center.