Campus Activities

Recognized student organizations may sponsor student activities. A student organization sponsoring an event should reserve the facility for the event with the Scheduling Office at least seven working days prior to the function (For event planning information, refer to the Student Organization Handbook). An event scheduling form must be completed and co-signed by the organization’s advisor. Any special requirements for the event should be noted on this form.

If the on-campus event being sponsored involves the consumption of alcohol, an alcohol form must be obtained from the Scheduling Office at least four weeks prior to the event. (For residence hall functions, refer to Residence Hall Policies section. Also see Political, Social, and Commercial Activities section below.)

The Student Center, in conjunction with the Department of Campus Safety, will determine those functions at which security is required. Campus Safety will facilitate employing police officers for the organization, the cost may be charged to the sponsoring organization.

All College policies are in effect regardless of the location of the event(s), whether on campus or off campus. The privilege of College recognition for a student group carries with it the requirement to comply with College policy, state, and federal laws anywhere an event is being held as long as the event is sponsored by an organization with College recognition.

Contracts for Student Activities

All contracts solicited by any student organizations, whether they include a professional fee or not, must be submitted at least seven days in advance for the approval of the Student Center and the signature of the Business Administrator. No other persons are authorized to sign contracts. This is for the protection of students, performers, and the College.
Questions about planning activities and programs should be directed to the Coordinator of Student Activities at 358-2664.