Bulletin Boards and Postings

The College recognizes the right of members of the College community to express opinions freely and to communicate information about upcoming events which may be of interest. Traditionally, posting of signs or announcements has been one mode of communication or expression. It is recognized that those posting materials should do so responsibly. Posting responsibility includes the use of appropriate designated areas.

Any College organization, College group, or member of the College community may post items in designated areas if the following guidelines are followed:

  1. The College shall designate appropriate bulletin boards or posting areas in each of the buildings on campus.
  2. All postings announcing events, meetings, work-shops, etc., must include the name and contact information for the organization and shall be removed by the College organization, College group, or member of the College community within 24 hours after the activity. A statement concerning accommodations for people with physical handicaps should be included on the posting with a contact.
  3. Items posted outside of the designated areas may be removed by an authorized College representative.
  4. The College organization, College group, and/or member of the College community posting items outside of designated areas or defacing College property will be subject to disciplinary or administrative action by the College, including costs for removal and restoration of the area, unless they have gained prior approval from the Dean of Students..
  5. Any unauthorized individual(s) removing, defacing, or otherwise tampering with posted items in designated areas may be subject to disciplinary or administrative action by the College.
  6. Members of the College community who believe that items are posted contrary to this policy should not remove or otherwise interfere with the item, but should report their concern to the Dean of Students.
  7. All organizations not affiliated with the college community shall post promotional materials in appropriately identified locations. The promotional materials must clearly state the name of the sponsoring organization as well as a telephone number if further information is desired. Use of the name “Keene State College” or the College’s logo must be approved by Marketing and Communications prior to posting. If alcohol is to be present at any event, it cannot be published on the promotional materials as such. “Refreshments will be served & proper ID is required” is acceptable.
  8. Students/organizations seeking to have materials (flyers, advertisements, etc.) posted in the residence halls must get approval from the Residential Life Office.