Meal plan contract reminders

  1. The meal plan is contracted by residential students for one academic year. Changes are not permitted unless the student is adding the Flex option to a plan or increasing the number of weekly meals. Students on voluntary meal plans may change their contract during the first 30 days of each semester.
  2. Three meals per day are available Monday through Friday. Brunch and dinner are served on Saturday and Sunday, and on days when there are no classes.
  3. Keene State College will not be liable for missed meals or for the failure to provide meals due to un-foreseen or unavoidable circumstances. Unused meals cannot be transferred to anyone else and no refunds are available for unused meals
  4. Failure to comply with all rules and regulations may result in cancellation of the agreement with loss of any refund, and the addition of college disciplinary action
  5. Students falsely presenting an ID card to gain access to the Food Service, manipulating a hand read, “sneaking in,” loaning their ID card to others to permit them access to the Dining facility or otherwise fraudulently participating in the Food Service will be referred to the campus judicial system for further action.
  6. Students needing to have their identification card replaced will be assessed $25.