Recordkeeping and Release of Information

Written Records – The Dean of Students Office maintains records of conduct actions, including written reports and electronic or paper copies of letters, as well as academic honesty sanctions that are forwarded from the Office of Academic Affairs. Student conduct records are also maintained in the Student Conduct Office. These confidential records cannot be removed and are accessible only in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

“Disciplinary Suspension” and “Disciplinary Dismissal” are entered on a student’s academic transcript as well as in his or her official file. A student initiated leave of absence or a withdrawal during the suspension timeframe shall not be a basis for the removal of this notation. The notation of “Disciplinary Dismissal” shall not be removed from a student’s transcript except for good cause upon the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Audio RecordingsAll cases that are referred to a Hearing Board are recorded. The audio recordings are the property of the College and may not be duplicated without the permission of the Director of Student Conduct or a designee. Students are not permitted to make their own recordings of hearings. Students who may be preparing an appeal can request to review the official recording. Unless otherwise authorized by the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or ordered by a court of law, the review of the audio recording of the conduct hearings shall be limited to those involved in the case, their advisors, the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board members, the Coordinator of Student Conduct, Appeal Officer, and the Vice President. Deliberations of the Hearing Board shall not be recorded. All audio recordings of College conduct hearings shall be destroyed 30 days after the deadline for filing an appeal has passed or the appeal has been decided.

Parental Notification – In accordance with FERPA, limited information will be released from a student’s educational record. In cases where a dependent student is found responsible for a violation(s) that results in the student being placed on Disciplinary Restriction and/or College Probation, the student’s parent or legal guardian will be notified of the action. Parents will also be notified when their student has been called to a suspension-level hearing.

Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRS) will determine a student’s dependency and the College will use the information maintained in the College’s student information system. In cases where the student does not receive financial aid, she or he will have the opportunity to provide this information to the Coordinator of Student Conduct or his or her designee.

Other reporting – Information regarding policy violations defined as violent crimes or non-forcible sex offenses (under the Higher Education Amendments of 1998) may be released to the public. The student’s name, the policy violation she or he is responsible for, and the sanctions imposed may be released to the public when a student is found responsible for such a violation.

Information regarding policy violations may also be released to the extent otherwise required by law.