Hearing Board Membership

Hearing Board members are recruited through a nomination process during the academic year. Current members of the College community may submit nominations (including self-nominations) in accordance with the timeline identified on the solicitation announcements. Hearing Officers may serve as Hearing Board members, as advisors to students or advisors to a Hearing Board. The Student Conduct Office is responsible for constituting, training, advising, and assigning cases to members of the Hearing Board.

Each nominee will be required to participate in Hearing Board training conducted by the Coordinator of Student Conduct. The Coordinator will confirm that the nominees are in good standing with the College. The names of those eligible to serve as Hearing Board members are submitted to the Dean of Students for appointment.

In situations where the Director of Student Conduct has reason to believe that a Hearing Board member has deliberately disregarded the rules, guidelines, procedures, or philosophy set forth in the Code of Conduct and College Conduct System, she or he will review the situation with the Dean’s Office and take appropriate action which may include dismissal from the Hearing Board.

Hearing Board members who are placed on academic or College Probation, are unwilling or unable to maintain appropriate standards of conduct or competence will be removed from the Hearing Board.


Composition of the College Hearing Board

Hearing Boards consist of three members of the current College community who are convened to review a case of alleged student misconduct that is within the jurisdiction of the College’s Conduct System. It is the role of the Hearing Board to determine responsibility and then identify and describe any mitigating or aggravating factors they believe should impact the sanction(s) that may be issued to the student(s) or student organization.

Each Hearing Board will have at least one student member. The Coordinator of Student Conduct shall name a member of the Hearing Board to serve as the chair. The Chairperson shall be an individual who, based on their position at the College, is authorized to serve as a Hearing Officer. All Hearing Board members participate as equals. It is the responsibility of the Hearing Board to conduct a hearing that meets the standards of the College Conduct System and is respectful of the sensitivities, confidentiality, and integrity of each participant.

In cases where a Hearing Board member feels she or he is unable to hear a particular case without prejudice, the member will voluntarily remove himself or herself from that hearing.

The Director of Student Conduct may name a non-voting advisor to the Hearing Board to observe all deliberations, provide advice on procedural matters, and assist with interpretations of the Code of Conduct and other College policies.