The following terms are used throughout the Student Code of Conduct. “College” throughout this document refers to Keene State College.

A Policy is a written regulation of the College, including, but not limited to, those found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog, Student Handbook, the Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall Contract (pdf), the College Parking and Motor Vehicle Policies, and the complete list available in the policies section of our web site.

Throughout this document, reference is made to a number of individuals who are involved in the College Conduct System.

College Officials are people currently employed by the College who perform assigned administrative or professional duties. In addition to faculty and staff, resident assistants and desk attendants are considered College Officials.

The College Premises include all the land, buildings, facilities, and other properties that the College owns, uses, or controls, including adjacent streets and sidewalks.

A College-Sponsored Event includes any event that is sponsored by the College, occurs on College premises, or occurs off-campus with the permission of the College or with participation by College officials in the performance of their official duties.

An Advisor is a current member of the College community who is chosen by a student to assist him/her navigate the conduct process.  Please see the advisor page for further details. Students who would like the assistance of a trained advisor should stop by the Student Conduct Office for a list of available volunteers.

A Faculty Member is a person hired by the College to conduct classroom, teaching and/or scholarly activities.

A Hearing Board is composed of trained College community members who are appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and selected by the Coordinator of Student Conduct to hear a particular case or otherwise resolve matters of student misconduct. Members of the Hearing Board may be called on to serve in several different capacities.

A Member of the College Community can be any current student, faculty member, College official, or other person employed by the College directly or through a contract service. A person’s status in a particular situation shall be determined by the Dean of Student’s Office.

A Student is any person who is registered for courses at the College. Individuals no longer enrolled for a particular semester, but maintaining a continuing relationship with the College (for example, on an approved leave of absence), are considered students.

A Student Organization refers to a group of students recognized or registered as affiliated with the College as a result of complying with the formal requirements established by the Student Involvement Office.