Suspension Level Violations

Alleged commission of the following violations will likely result in interim suspension.  Being found responsible for violating these policies will most likely result in disciplinary suspension or disciplinary dismissal from the College.

Please note that the following list is not all inclusive:

  1. Sale or evidence of intent to sell drugs.
  2. Sale or evidence to illegally sell alcohol.
  3. Instigating a riot or other disruption as described in the disorderly, disruptive or indecent behavior policy.
  4. Arson or attempted arson.
  5. DUI arrest.
  6. Physical altercation with public safety or College Officials.
  7. Infliction of physical harm.
  8. Sexual misconduct as outlined in the sexual misconduct policy.
  9. Threat or danger to others.
  10. Possession or evidence of use of illegal drugs other than marijuana.
  11. Intentionally causing a false fire alarm.
  12. Committing or planning to commit discrimination or discriminatory harassment.
  13. Committing or planning to commit hazing.