Good Samaritan Policy

The Keene State College community recognizes that the health and wellness of students are of the utmost priority. When alcohol and/or drug use creates medical or safety emergencies, potential for college disciplinary action may deter students from seeking assistance for themselves or others. The Good Samaritan policy was developed to support students to act with their own and others’ health and safety as the primary concern. This policy applies only to College policy and does not prevent action by local or state authorities.

This Good Samaritan policy grants immunity from disciplinary action to students who seek medical attention for themselves and/or other students in alcohol or drug-related incidents. This policy does not grant immunities for other violations such as disorderly conduct, vandalism, assault, sexual assault, etc. This College does not condone underage drinking, the over-consumption of alcohol, or the use of drugs.  The policy exists to encourage students who find themselves in life-threatening situations with alcohol and/or drugs to call for help.

Students who are granted immunity under the policy will still be required to complete alcohol and/or drug education activities, assessments, and/or treatment. Failure to meet these requirements will result in application of the disciplinary actions.

Students should always seek medical attention in a drug or alcohol-related emergency. However, students who have repeated violations over the course of a year, could face disciplinary action.

Any alcohol visible in the room or at the scene of the emergency will be disposed of.  Any controlled substances visible at the scene of the emergency will result in KPD involvement. However, in the case of an emergency, Keene State College will grant immunity to the student for the campus violations associated with possession of controlled substances, but only for personal consumption. Paraphernalia such as plastic bags, scales, and other indicators of distribution will result in KPD involvement and College disciplinary action. Keene State College does not have the authority to dispose of and/or grant legal immunity for controlled substances, and will contact KPD whenever necessary.