The responsibility for the College Conduct System lies with the following individuals:

The Vice President for Student Affairs has ultimate authority over the College Conduct System, including interpretation of policies and the system’s procedures.

The Dean of Student’s Office provides oversight for the day to day operations of the Student Conduct Office and, in accordance with College policy, approves the Code of Conduct and coordinates all nominations to the Hearing Board.

The Director of Student Conduct is charged with providing comprehensive leadership, management and vision for the Student Conduct Office.  She/he sets the tone and direction for the office and develops the conduct codes, adjudication systems and related procedures.

The Coordinator of Student Conduct is the professional staff member responsible for the overall coordination of the processes used to administer the Student Code of Conduct, including interpretations of policies and the system’s procedures. In this capacity, she or he serves as a Hearing Officer, oversees all procedures and processes, and ensures that training programs are conducted for Hearing Officers and Hearing Board members.

Hearing Officers are individuals who, through their job responsibilities or authorization by the Director or Coordinator of Student Conduct, initiate action on possible violations to the Code of Conduct. The Hearing Officer may hear, arbitrate, mediate, or otherwise resolve student misconduct or disputes.

Hearing Board Members are faculty, staff, and students who have been trained to hear and act on student conduct violations.