Appeals Process & Appeal Template

The findings of the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board may be appealed by either the accused student or the individual who filed the original complaint. Submitting an appeal will not guarantee that your outcome will be overturned, but will ensure that is fully vetted by an appellate officer. Please note that appeals do not serve as re-hearings of the original case. They are designed to determine whether or not:

  1. The hearing was conducted in accordance with procedures prescribed by the College Conduct System. Deviation from designated procedures will not be a basis for granting an appeal unless significant prejudice can be demonstrated as a result of the deviation.
  2. The sanction(s) imposed was appropriate for the violation(s) committed, the past conduct history, and any previous sanction(s) of the student(s) or student organization.
  3. There is new evidence that could not have been known during the hearing which is sufficient to alter the decision or outcome. It must be clear that the evidence could not have been known at the time of the original hearing.

Appeals must be submitted by the student in writing (electronically or printed copy) and contain the specific grounds for the appeal based on the criteria identified above. Please note that failure to attend the hearing or to provide a statement in lieu of attendance are not grounds for an appeal.  In addition, the appeal must be received by the Student Conduct Office within five days of the date at the top of the hearing outcome notification e-mail. In most cases the Director or Coordinator of Student Conduct will review the appeal except in instances where she or he heard the original case. In some cases, the appeal may be considered by the Associate Dean of Students.

Upon receiving an appeal, the Appellate Officer will vet the appeal to determine whether or not any of the grounds upon which a case can be appealed have been addressed at a sufficient level to warrant an appeal being granted.


Appeals Process

The appeal review is limited to an analysis of the written appeal document, the record and documents of the initial hearing, and an interview with the original hearing officer or chair of the hearing board. If new information becomes available or a procedural error has been determined through the appeals process, the Appellate Officer will adjust the sanction(s) as necessary but will not increase the sanctions. The case may be returned to the original hearing officer or hearing board, or a newly constituted one, to allow for a reconsideration of the original finding.

All decisions resulting from an appeal review shall be final. Although a verbal notification may be provided to the student who requested the appeal review, an e-mail notification of the decision shall be sent within twenty days of the receipt of the appeal.


Appeal Template

An appeal of the outcome of a student conduct case is a formal document that becomes a part of the student’s conduct record.  It is important to formulate the contents carefully and to write it in a clear, concise and logical manner.  Proper grammar and spelling are expected.

Appeals that are not filed properly or are missing information will not be considered.  Appeals should be submitted to Please copy the information below and include all of it in your appeal email:

  1. Date of outcome letter (found at the top of outcome email)
  2. IR# (found at the top of outcome email)
  3. Your Name
  4. Your KSC email address
  5. Please highlight or bold the reason you are appealing:
    1. The hearing was not conducted properly
    2. The sanction does not fit the violation and the student’s conduct history
    3. New information that would significantly change the outcome has become available after the hearing
  6. Objective and factual evidence that supports the ground(s) on which you are appealing – opinions are not objective or factual and therefore will not be considered.  For instance, if you were claiming that you did not receive the hearing notice in a timely way, you would quote the College’s guidelines for proper notification and provide the original summons letter highlighting the date.

If you have questions about how to write your appeal, please contact the Student Conduct Office at