Weapons Policy

Handguns (including paint, pellet, BB air guns, or authentic-looking replicas) are prohibited on property owned or operated by Keene State College. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, and all incidents involving gun possession on campus will be reported to the Keene State College Department of Campus Safety and the Keene Police Department.

Large hunting knives, bows and arrows, long rifles, and shotguns are also prohibited. Any prohibited weapons will be confiscated and stored by Campus Safety until the student has the opportunity to remove them from campus.

Authorization for use of theatrical weapons for theatre or movie production must be obtained from the Director of Campus Safety.


Windows, Roofs and Ledges Policy

Violations of the window policy include removal of windows or screens, being on roofs and/or ledges, and ejecting, hanging, attaching or placing any object out of a window.


Withdrawal from College

Students wishing to withdraw from the College must notify the Dean of Students.

Not registering for a subsequent term of enrollment does not retain active student status and may result in an administrative withdrawal from the College. Students leaving the College during the course of a semester without officially withdrawing are held responsible for their registration for that semester resulting in failure in all courses and consequent suspension or dismissal action, as well as loss of any refund privileges.