Parental Notification Policy

In the event of serious concern about the health or safety of a student or threat to any member of the college community, the College reserves the right to notify the person listed by the student on his or emergency information card or to notify parents or guardians


Pet Control


Privacy Hold

Directory information, either published or in dealing
with routine inquiries, is defined as the following:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Mailing telephone
  • Local/campus address
  • Local/campus telephone
  • E-mail address
  • Date/place of birth
  • Major(s)
  • Dates of attendance Degree(s)/awards received

All other information contained in official student education records is available only to those persons within the College who have a legitimate need for it, and to all others, only with the expressed consent (i.e., signature) of the student. Students requiring more limited access may choose one of the two options listed below.

Directory Hold: All address and telephone information will be held from printed or electronic directories. The student’s presence at Keene State College will be acknowledged in response to routine inquiries, and name, date of birth, major, degrees, and awards received will be published, such as Dean’s List, Commencement programs, and announcements. Students will be eligible to receive a College e-mail account.

Complete Hold: All directory information will be held in confidence, which means the student’s presence at Keene State College will not be acknowledged in response to routine inquiries. No directory information will be listed in print or electronic media and the student’s name will not be published in Dean’s List announcements, honors recognition,Commencement programs, or newspaper listings. In addition, federal law prohibits our response to inquiries by employers or prospective employers. The student will not be able to receive a College e-mail account.

Students must seek counseling from the Registrar before choosing Option 2, as it is very restrictive.
Processing and maintaining of privacy hold information is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar. Once a student places a privacy hold of either type upon his/her record, it shall remain in place until the Office of the Registrar is notified in writing, signed by the student, to change or remove the hold. This applies even if the student separates him/herself from the institution.