Identification Card Policy

Every member of the College community must have a valid Keene State College identification card.  An ID card is required to check materials out of Mason Library, to use the Recreation Center, and to get free or reduced admission to arts and athletic events on campus.

Each student is required to carry his or her ID card at all times while on campus or while attending any campus sponsored event. IDs must be presented upon the request of a College official and surrendered upon demand.

IDs are nontransferable and will be confiscated if found in possession of another person. Lending/sharing/fraudulent use/alteration of one’s ID card is grounds for College disciplinary action.

New or replacement ID cards may be obtained at the Dining Commons ID office during regular business hours. We recommend that students carry their ID cards in a wallet or protective holder to avoid bending the card or causing unnecessary damage. Carrying an ID card unprotected will shorten the life of the card and necessitate its replacement at the user’s expense. The charge for a replacement ID card is $25.


Inclement Weather Policy