Bicycling, Rollerblading, and Skateboarding

The College recognizes that students, faculty, and staff use a variety of means of transportation on campus. Although personal choice is important, the College must consider the safety and well-being of the campus community and its visitors. In an effort to accomplish this, the College has the following policy regarding the use of bicycles, rollerblades, and skateboards on campus.

All individuals using bicycles, rollerblades, and skate-boards are expected to use the equipment in a manner which is appropriate, considerate of others and of College property. Individuals who use the equipment recklessly or without care of others and College property will be confronted, documented, and addressed through the College’s judicial system.

These means of transportation are to be used as such – transportation from one location to another. The College recognizes that individuals may perform flat ground tricks as they move along, but such tricks involve risks and it is the sole responsibility of the operators to maintain control of themselves and their equipment.

Individuals are prohibited from engaging in tricks (sliding, grinding, jumps, and so forth) that involve any College property (e.g., stairs, steps, railings, benches, entrances to buildings). Loitering or “sessioning” on campus for the purpose of attempting tricks or stunts will be confronted and dealt with through the College judicial system.

The campus should be maintained as a safe and beautiful environment for everyone. Reckless tricks that endanger individuals and property should not be undertaken. By working together, the Department of Campus Safety believes, the campus community can meet these goals.


Brickyard Pond Use

Brickyard Pond, located behind the Redfern Arts Center, is a beautiful area where students may relax and enjoy the natural setting. So that a safe environment is maintained, any type of raft or boat is prohibited from being used on the pond. Swimming and fishing are also prohibited. In the winter, ice skating and ice fishing are prohibited.