ADA Grievance Procedure


Address Change

Change of Address forms are located in the Academic & Career Advising lobby and the Registrar’s Office or online. Notification of one’s address change does not constitute a change in residency status. To change residency status, a student must appeal to the Assistant Business Administrator


Alcohol Poisoning/Protective Custody Protocol

Keene State College considers the over consumption and abuse of alcohol to be a serious risk to a person’s health and safety. In the event that it is determined through an assessment made by Campus Safety that a student is in need of medical treatment to prevent or treat alcohol poisoning, the student will be transported to Cheshire Medical Center.

If it is determined that the student is intoxicated to the point that they are not capable of ensuring their own safety, but do not need medical attention, the student will be placed into Protective Custody with the City of Keene Police Department.

Following these situations, students will be contacted (ideally within 48 business hours) by the College. The student will be required to attend a series of meetings with the health educator, a nurse practitioner or physician, and the alcohol and drug counselor. Our goal is to take advantage of this opportunity to assess, educate, counsel, and assure that the student is no longer at risk for future harm to him or herself.