Addendum 5

Guidelines for Alcohol Beverage Marketing on Campus

  1. Alcohol beverage marketing programs cannot contain any demeaning sexual or discriminatory portrayal of individuals.
  2. Promotion of alcohol cannot encourage any form of alcohol abuse nor can it place emphasis on quantity and frequency of use.
  3. Alcohol cannot be provided as an award for contests.
  4. Drinking contests are prohibited.
  5. Promotional activities should not be associated with otherwise existing campus events or programs without prior knowledge and consent of appropriate College officials.
  6. Display or availability of promotional materials should be determined in consultation with the Office for Student Affairs.
  7. Informational marketing programs should have educational value and subscribe to the philosophy of low-risk and legal use of the products represented.
  8. Alcohol marketers should support campus alcohol awareness programs that encourage informed and low-risk decisions about the use or non-use of alcohol.
  9. Alcohol cannot be portrayed as a solution to personal or academic problems of students or as necessary to social, sexual, financial or academic success.
  10. Alcohol consumption cannot be associated with the performance of tasks that require skilled reactions such as the operation of motor vehicles or machinery.
  11. Local off-campus promotional activities, primarily directed to students, should be developed with the previous knowledge of the Office for Student Affairs.