Addendum 2

Section A: Conduct Actions (Students)

A student and/or organization found responsible for violating the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy may receive one or more of a variety of sanctions tailored to meet the specific violation(s). Individual mitigating circumstances as well as aggravating factors, such as past misconduct by the offender(s) or failure to comply with previously imposed sanctions, are also taken into consideration. The following list is not to be regarded as all-inclusive but rather as a sampler of the types of sanctions which may be applied. For a complete description of the conduct process and an explanation of the following sanctions, please consult the Student Code of Conduct.

  1. Official Reprimand
  2. Restitution
  3. Disciplinary Restriction
  4. Referred Learning Program
  5. Completion of a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Rehabilitation Program
  6. College Probation
  7. Disciplinary Suspension
  8. Disciplinary Dismissal
  9. Deactivation of a Student Organization
  10. Notification of Violation to Parents

Section B: College Disciplinary Action when there is also a Violation of Law

The College reserves the right to assert its jurisdiction in certain off-campus incidents when specific actions by members of the College community adversely affect the College community and/or its mission as determined by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee. For further information see the Student Code of Conduct.