Praxis testing

  • Praxis I:  All students must pass the PRAXIS I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) in reading, writing and mathematics before becoming certified as a teacher.  Certified teachers view exception below.
  • Praxis II: Students may also be required to take the PRAXIS II subject test(s) in order to demonstrate competency in their desired teaching area.  Each state’s PRAXIS II requirements vary. Additional subject area courses may be required to earn certification.
  • Praxis Requirements by State: To see the PRAXIS I and II score requirements and subject areas that require PRAXIS II in the state where you wish to earn certification, click on the state at the ETS Praxis website.  For each state, the top section of the page shows PRAXIS I requirements. Scroll down to find the requirements for the PRAXIS II subject tests.
  • Certified Teachers: If you are presently a teacher with active certification you will not need to take the PRAXIS I (this does not include teachers employed via NH Alternative IV).
  • Find a test center near you. Most test centers are open four to six days a week.
  • Score Recipients: When you register for the PRAXIS I designate both KSC and the appropriate State Department of Education as score recipients. The code for KSC is 3472 and NH DOE is 7660.
  • Sample Tests: Examine the PRAXIS 1 series Test at a Glance sample tests by clicking on 5710 for computerized PPST reading; 5720 for writing and 5730 for mathematics.

For Step-By-Step Registration Instructions:

Praxis I Registration Information

Praxis II Registration Information