Certification Options at Keene State College

The New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) provides five alternative paths through which a person may become certified as a professional educator.  Keene State College’s graduate study programs are approved through NH DOE – Alternative 1.  Be sure to review the NH DOE Certification Standards for Educational Personnel related to the subject(s) you are interested in.  View the complete list of NH Department of Education certification categories and titles.

Keene State College provides programs that lead to certification in the following areas:

Biology (grades 7-12)

Chemistry (grades 7-12)

Early Childhood Dev. (Nursery-3)

Earth Space Science (grades 7-12

Elementary Education. (grades 7-12)

English (grades (5-12)

French (grades K-12)

General Science (grades 5-9)

General Special Education (grades K-12)

Mid./Jr High Math. (grades 5-8)

Physics (grades 7-12)

Principal (grades K-12)

School-Guidance Counselor (grades K-12)

Secondary Mathematics (grades 7-12)

Social Studies (grades 5-12)

Spanish (grades K-12)